the chase


God’s plans are better than our own. His ways are beyond our comprehension.

It is a bit hard for me to accurately review this book considering how long a break it has been since I read it. This book is a memoir of past relationships and how Kyle and Kelsey found their way to each other because they trusted in God’s plan for their life. I read this book on recommendation from a friend, but in the end I didn’t feel that the book applied to my life or dramatically altered the way I see the world. Would be best given to someone in their mid teens.

Cover Appeal: 3/5
It was cute, albeit a bit plain.

Characters: 5/5
It would feel weird to rate them crappy considering they are real people. Their story was inspiring to young Christians everywhere and I liked that they were real about their struggles and their past dating lives.

Plot: 4/5
I thought it was cute that they divided the chapters between both of them, ending with a note from the couple together.

Enjoyability: 3/5

KH Rating: 3/5
While it was all together a pleasant read, I found that I would have liked to hear more of their relationship story and less about their past lives. Definitely written for younger adults or teens that have yet to really date or marry.

Book 10/40
Read April 6th, Reviewed June 26th 2017

Kristen & Kelsey’s 40 Book Challenge

Check out my beautiful bookmark sister Kelsey’s blog and her Instagram to see how she is doing!



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