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*WARNING: This book includes the topic of suicide. May be triggering. Read with caution*

How long has this decision been coming without her telling me? And more to the point, why didn’t she tell me?

Meg has killed herself. Cody is mad at her for doing that. Cody goes on too many road trips to fail to discover what I could tell her.  YOU WEREN’T EVEN BEST FRIENDS.

I can’t even summarize all the things I hated about this book.


Cover Appeal: 5/5
This beautiful cover. Yeah. It lies. It is the only reason I bought the book in the freaking first place. Don’t believe its lies.

Characters: 0.000000001/5
Major lack of development. Considering my favourite characters were side characters like Stoner Richard or Meg’s ten-year-old brother, I think the main characters fell so short of the mark that they are 6 feet under. RIP.

Also a side note: I found it very unimaginative that Cody falls for Meg’s ex. It bothers me even more so when, after they hook up, she feels like second pick because he had hooked up with her first. How about the fact that he is a person with feelings, not a prized stud. He has feelings for you. Deal with it, don’t fly away. (See my review of Sweet Evil for rants about flying away.)

Plot: 1/5
I just can’t.
Like why. The worst part was finding out that Meg’s online suicide cheerleader was some old ugly guy with a kid of his own. It was so anti climactic and pointless that I felt cheated of the time I spent reading the book.

Enjoyability: 0/5
When I first read this book, I tricked myself into believing I had actually enjoyed it. Much like the survivors of Stockholm Syndrome, it took some ranting with Kels to understand how much this book made my brain vomit. Profusely.

KH Rating: 2/5



Here is Kelsey’s rant, which encompasses many feelings I had but just really didn’t want to repeat. Read it to finish my review.

Book 13/40

Kristen & Kelsey’s 40 Book Challenge

Check out my beautiful bookmark sister Kelsey’s blog and her Instagram to see how she is doing!



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