Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick (BUDDY READ)


(Hush, Hush, #1)



He was the worst kind of wrong. He was so wrong it felt right, and that made me feel completely out of control.


Bad boy Patch scares Nora. Something about him doesn’t feel right. #maybebecausehedoesntfeelanything

Cover Appeal: 5/5
This cover. This is probably the only reason I fell into this book – or the entire Angel category of Fantasy, for that matter. It is gorgeous, and that hint of red just makes the dark cover even more beautiful.

Characters: 2/5
I didn’t really enjoy the characters. I enjoyed them more towards the end of the book as we get to meet Patch, but there was too much to be annoyed about.
Vee is an AWFUL best friend. As Kelsey put it… #cody. (See review of I Was Here.) Between pressuring her friend into hanging out with a guy that she both didn’t like and got scary vibes from, and just being selfish / boy obsessed, I was over her as soon as I met her.
Patch was irritating. Did not like him. He starts out like an ass and remains like that through the whole book. Even Nora admits he is a sexy bad boy jerk. She feels threatened and in danger whenever she is around him – yet ignores her gut feeling the entire time. Stupid, stupid girl. SPOILER ALERT he actually does mean her harm. Which ended up being a redeeming factor for the book, and I jumped on the bandwagon once I figured this out. 

Plot: 2/5
Too slow for my taste, and too many eye rollable moments. Nicknaming her Angel? Going on a roller coaster called the Arch Angel? Also there were way too many bad guys in the book. I didn’t really know who to be afraid of, so we end up being afraid of everyone, which is kind of exhausting.

Enjoyability: 3.5/5
The end really saved this book. I would have a hard time continuing the quartet if the ending didn’t spin the series in a new direction.

KH Rating: 4/5
I am probably giving it way more than it deserves… There were many things I hated, but I am placing my faith in the next book. There were aspects I loved as well… and Patch is smoking hot.



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