Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

(Sweet, #1)


Patti told me that to truly love someone, you must hold them in an open hand. That was how I needed to love Kai. It was necessary to uncurl my fingers and let him go.


I remember the day I bought this book. Kels and I were shopping at Chapters (surprise, surprise) and I hadn’t found anything that caught my fancy, so I picked this up, shrugged, and went with it.

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It took me a year and a half to actually read it.

Sweet Evil was Wendy Higgins debut novel. I feel like this is important to mention given all the negative things I have to say about it.
The story follows Anna as she discovers her father was actually a dark angel, and that in order to be left alive she must lead other people into sinful choices. Throw in son-of-lust Kaidan and BAM instant good girl bad boy plot.

I don’t know if it was a mistake or a good thing that I read it right after Hush, Hush due to the overlapping theme of Nephilim/Angels. All I know is there were many many similarities.

(Also, as far as Patch and Kaidan go for main character bad boys, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE A MALE CHARACTER THAT ISN’T A HUGE PRICK. I also am thinking of Ben from I Was Here. Like I understand as a writer you want to create room for character growth, but all of these men are damaged with absolutely no redeeming qualities. Kaidan literally is created as a f-them-and-leave character. ALSO the airport thing? REALLY. After both this book and reading a similar scene with Ben and Cody from I Was Here, it made me vow never to write a book where two reluctant romance characters get in an argument after spending a heated night in a hotel room on a road trip to find answers and then the female exits stage the next morning, fleeing to her mommy via airplane.)

I need to address the part where Anna’s dad is like ‘change up your look’. It is kind of ridiculous, like if the author really wants to make the character change, then write in that she goes to the salon. It was also made way too much of a deal of, because all she does is cut her hair a little and wax her eyebrows. SERIOUSLY if you want to change your look and become all bad ass and edgy get a freaking piercing or dye your hair or something more than tee hee oooh highlights now I am sexy. *EYES ROLLING OUT OF MY SOCKETS*

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However, once I saw past the amateur character development and barf-able perfect girl moments, I really really enjoyed the book. I liked learning about the world that Higgins built, and I liked seeing Anna fall in love with Kaidan. I enjoyed the journey they take while road-tripping and seeing all the normal traits he has when he isn’t busy corrupting souls.

I would also like to mention a scene that really hit home. When Anna’s dad sends the demons to attack her while she is sleeping with visions of how awful humanity really is, it made me want to cry. I know she should have already known these things, but stepping back and realizing all the horrible things that happen to people, even seeing a few familiar situations to my own, it reminded me of why I carry the beliefs I do, and how people can take a look at all the evil out there and choose not to believe in God.

Cover Appeal: 0/5
This is where the book really lost points. I am not even kidding, if this book cover was better designed, or if the models didn’t look so freaking stupid, this book would’ve been read much sooner. Like what is he even doing? Why is she covering her belly awkwardly? Also why such an ugly dress? They should revamp the cover with more of a Hush, Hush theme, maybe gray covers with just her in a red dress for the pop of cover. I think if they redid the cover, the book would get way more sales.

Characters: 3/5
The major plot holes were due to the character building. I could not handle Anna, of all the characters. Her perfectness, goody two shoes, blahhhh personality. No one is that perfect, ‘cept for Jesus Christ, which she is not. The author should’ve made her more relate able. Not to mention how she feels about drugs or Kaidan’s attractiveness. Because the author makes sure to remind us EVERY 5 SECONDS.
Honorable mention in this category is her stupid adoptive mother.

Plot: 4/5
Even with its tendency to be predictable, I actually enjoyed blowing through this book, with the only real speed-bumps being the annoying character lack-of-flaws or unbelievable dialogue. I am looking forward to seeing the series unfold.
Another really really annoying thing was how Kaidan’s dad always brought up how Anna ‘smelt of virgin’. I know that she was probably supposed to smell holy or something but that is NOT what I envisioned EVERY TIME HE BROUGHT IT UP. UGGH.

Enjoyability: 4/5
With it all being said, I give the book a grudging 4. Between the gross cover and the shallow main character and lack of her growth throughout the book, it fell too short of a whole 5 stars.

KH Rating: 4/5
I know most of what I said was me just raging about what I didn’t like, but I would recommend it as an enjoyable book to be read with a grain of salt as far as Anna’s character development goes.


Book 16/40

Kristen & Kelsey’s 40 Book Challenge

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